(15-12-28) Energy Healing

When Maya asked me whether i would be interested in doing some energy healing work with her friend’s mom, i jumped at the opportunity.  I have no personal experience in this area, but i definitely believe in the concept of energy all around us and the power that comes from understanding the energy that a person creates in, around, and for her/him-self.  Having a better understanding of this could aid in my recovery from cancer.  I scheduled an appointment with Annette at Desert Lotus Healing Center for December 28 at 13:00.

The entire experience was gratifying.  Something i noticed about Annette right away was her focus on communication.  She wanted to know some basic information about my physical, emotional, and spiritual states at the moment, and she also made a point to disclose how and when she got into this field of energy healing.  I didn’t really know what to expect from the energy session itself, and she did a wonderful job of explaining her process and her reasons behind each step.  She also warned me about possible metaphysical circumstances that might happen so that i wouldn’t get freaked out if something did happen.  Finally, she asked me if i wanted her to disclose any thing revealed to her during the session in regards to  trauma in my current or past lives.

Once i lay down on the massage table, one of the first things she did was hold individual bottles of essential oils over my core to see which ones my body was drawn to and repelled by.

Essential Oils
I wasn’t the least bit surprised about the myrrh or rosemary, but the others i knew next to nothing about.  (I found out later that both cedarwood and cypress essential oils are often used to aid as a diuretic; no wonder my body was like, “Um… hell no!  I can’t take any more of that.”)  Annette used those “drawn to” essential oils to help me get into a state of deep, meditative breathing.  As i was counting in 6 and counting out 9, I could feel her hands pushing into me, through the blanket and through the clothes.  My mind wandered, as it tends to do whenever someone tells me to relax or stop thinking, so counting was the only way i could stop my mind from wandering (although the mere fact that i was counting showed that my mind still needed to think about *something*).

I fell asleep at least twice; that much i know.  The first time, i woke up with a snort and a startle.  The snort embarrassed me, so back to 6-9 counting it was until i returned to a sleep state.  The second time i awoke felt more metaphysical.  It’s hard to describe.  The closest words i can find is by saying it felt like there was a bungee cord around my core, and i was being jerked upwards into the room by my core.  I don’t remember feeling like i physically jumped upwards, though; it was more of a spiritual jolt.  I find this interesting since i don’t consider myself a spiritual person, but i know my body didn’t actually move when i felt this sudden pull into an awake state.

Afterwards, she told me she focused her healing work on my pituitary gland, endocrine system, and respiratory system (particularly the upper chest where there was all this tightness).  None of this was surprising.  As i understand it (and anyone, *please* correct me if i am wrong about any of this science stuff), the pituitary gland communicates with the endocrine system, which has to do with my digestion – a significant issue before i had cancer and an even bigger issue now that i have started chemotherapy.  As for the upper respiratory system, it’s not surprising that there is extra strain in the area where i have had two surgeries within a one-month time span: first the bilateral mastectomy and then the port implant.  She also said she did a lot of healing work on my left knee, calf, and ankle.  She mentioned that work twice.  “Whatever trauma you had that impacted this part of your body, i addressed it today.”  I don’t even know what trauma she is referring to.  I have problems with my left shoulder blade area, from a car accident back when i was in 11th grade, and my friend (Kelly-Jean Erwin) was speeding so that we weren’t late to first period final exams.  (We missed them.)  I also have problems with my knees in general (especially when i go hiking), but i just chalked that up to (1) getting old and (2) being a descendant of the Lanning family.

I asked Annette about the bungee-cord-pulling-up feeling.  Apparently, that was at a time when she was doing some reiki work on me: energy healing on my body without actually *touching* my body.  During this part of the conversation, she also mentioned that she worked on my root chakra.  I looked that up later, the root chakra, and i couldn’t help but notice that the location of the root chakra is pretty close to the area of my body where i felt like i got metaphysically pulled upwards.  When i see her for my 2nd appointment (January 8), I plan to ask her if there is a connection between these two things.

I’m also not surprised that my sense of security and grounding are both currently thrown off, considering i am in the middle of fighting for my life right now.

She told me one more thing that she noticed during the session.  “There was only one metaphysical moment i felt when working on you.  It was at the beginning of the session, when i first started.  This presence of you in your current form flew by me in a state of total panic and fear.  You mentioned before we started that you’re not really one to live your life in fear … but your spirit is afraid right now.”

My only response was to nod my head.  I’m not quick to jump on the train of talking about my feelings.  I wonder if most people reading this think that i am afraid of dying.  I’m not.  I’m afraid of making the decision to fight for my life but then losing that fight to Death, my opponent in this match.  I’m not afraid to die; i’m afraid to LOSE.

Author: breastcancerat35

I was diagnosed with Stage 3C Invasive Breast Cancer in October/November, 2015. This blog is my way to process my experience and allow my loved ones to have ongoing updates about my journey.

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