(16-01-05) Prepping for Chemo Session #2

The first round of chemotherapy was awful.  There is no way to sugar coat it.  I wasn’t surprised by the gamut of side effects i endured, but i *was* surprised by how long the side effects lasted.  I mean, technically, the side effects from my first session are still occurring, but the major ones – the debilitating ones that rendered me incapable of getting out of bed or off the toilet for more than a few minutes at a time – lasted six days.  I had anticipated a weekend of hell and then a diminished-but-still-fairly-capable ability to get out of bed on Monday morning and resume normal programming.  That did not happen.  My 1st chemo infusion was on Thursday, and i was only *starting* to feel better the following Wednesday.

This isn’t going to work.  I can’t keep my job if it takes me an entire week to feel better every time i have a chemo session.  I need a new plan.

Since i am still ironing out the kinks with getting the naturopathic treatments covered by insurance, i created my own Plan B.

Monday – Load up on carbs and fats. (I lost 8 pounds since the mastectomy, but i need the cushioning and insulation on my body.)

Tuesday – Load up on protein and greens.

Wednesday – Fast.  (After listening to a fairly boring podcast, i learned that fasting might be helpful because an empty body could pave the way for the chemo drugs to run their course more efficiently, without wading through or binding to any of the waste that my body is holding onto.  Fasting will leave me weak, and that might make the side effects more devastating at first, but my priority is side effect EFFICIENCY, not side effect magnitude.)


Wish me luck.


Author: breastcancerat35

I was diagnosed with Stage 3C Invasive Breast Cancer in October/November, 2015. This blog is my way to process my experience and allow my loved ones to have ongoing updates about my journey.

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