(19-02-15) Symptom & Treatment Update


* I started another four-day round of chemo last night. From Thursday to Sunday, I will have a different chemo drug each night (based on the four drugs that my blood tested positive for my first week here).

* Bathroom symptoms have already started, after just one round. Poor Estela … not gonna be fun for her, sharing a room with me this weekend. Guess we’ll find out just how deeply our friendship bond can withstand hours of vomiting and shitting!


* This week, I continued to get the two generic vaccines (DK-25 and DK-27), as well as the specialty dendritic vaccine.

* I will get another round of the electromagnetic vaccine on Monday.


* I had another one yesterday. This time, it was straight up coffee – no shark cartilage or shitake mushrooms included. This third one wasn’t as bad; I guess my body is adjusting. It’s not something I am currently willing to do as part of my home program once I leave here, but I stopped putting up a fight to get them during my stay, on an as-needed, once-a-week basis.


* On Wednesday, I got oxygen shots in both my knees, as well as my lower back. Two days later, there is no pain or tightness in any of those spots. I still can’t believe a remedy as simple as this is not being utilized in the States.

* I also got an oxygen shot yesterday in my right hip. My hip seems to be fine at this point, from the replacement surgery back in December. I can’t jog or anything yet (not that I’d want to!), but all my other basic functions – walking, crouching, kneeling, lunging – have returned to a normal state. Maybe I *will* get to crush Tyler again on the racquetball court after all!


(warning: ugly picture below)

* That blister that showed up on my right breast on Monday is being addressed. Dr. Rubio, Sr. lanced it on Monday and again yesterday.

* Dr. Rubio, Sr. said the blister was probably caused by a number of factors: being out in the sun for an hour and a half, responding to the magnet vaccine, and possibly getting burned from the cabbage therapy. The thing with the cabbage makes sense. There isn’t a lot of sensation in the breast area now after all those surgeries, so if the cabbage was too hot on that part of my skin, I might not have noticed.

* I am using an oxygen treatment in my room 2-3 times a day to help it heal. According to Dr. Rubio, Sr., oxygen is just as good as an antibiotic for the healing process – just without the side effects of a drug.

* Looking at it is gross. When I think about all the trauma my chest has endured just to try to look “normal” with breasts, my heart hurts a little.

Author: breastcancerat35

I was diagnosed with Stage 3C Invasive Breast Cancer in October/November, 2015. This blog is my way to process my experience and allow my loved ones to have ongoing updates about my journey.

6 thoughts on “(19-02-15) Symptom & Treatment Update”

  1. @crystallanning – Estela is a friend from college. She lives in Oakland, CA and is flying out to spend the weekend with me.

    Botas is great! Now that his meds have kicked in, he’s feeling better and is starting to get rambunctious. One of my friends from AZ mailed him some cat toys today. A number of the nurses, as well as the cleaning lady, now know he’s in my room, but Dr. Rubio, Sr. hasn’t found out yet!


  2. “but I stopped putting up a fight to get them during my stay, on an as-needed, once-a-week basis.”

    Shouldn’t that be ‘ass-needed’?

    I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist.

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