(19-03-06-07) Surgery – w/update #2 added @4:30am on Thursday


(I will update this specific list every time i learn something new on Wednesday or Thursday, instead of writing separate logs. I will bold new information and adjust the title to make it easier for you to know when i have added something. I will start a new bullet list in a separate entry on Friday.)

  • It is offically 36 hours since this nightmare started.
  • I had an ulcer. Surgery was successful, I’ve been told. I have not yet spoken to a doctor about the procedure. From little pieces of information that i have gathered from others, i had a perforated ulcer, meaning the ulcer had ripped a hole in my stomach lining, so there was all this gas moving freely around in my stomach instead of being contained within my intestines like it’s supposed to be.
  • I will be at this hospital for up to a week. One nurse told me the hospital stay for this procedure ranges from 4 days to a couple weeks, with most patients being discharged after a week.
  • I have a catheter in but no colonoscopy bag, which i was told was my worst-case scenario. So that’s a small bit of good news in all this. The catheter will need to stay in for several days.
  • My room at Rubio will be held for me.
  • Hana took Botas today. He is with his new family now.
  • I’m still coming up off anesthesia, which means I’m still disoriented, while the pain is building.
  • I’m in a shared room with a loud and large Mexican family. This room is too small for all these people.
  • I do not want visitors or phone calls. Please stop. Also, be patient with me responding to your texts. I’m completely overwhelmed right now.
  • I’ll work on giving you more positive, friendly bullet points later tonight.
  • I’m pretty sure I’m in a private Christian hospital. Tonight, they conducted a prayer over the loudspeaker.
  • My new roommate this evening was an older Asian lady. Now I am the obnoxious loud one. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Luckily, i am a charmer when i want to be, and i was just informed that my request for a private room was approved. I’ll have my own space within the hour. It really had nothing to do with being charming. Here is a tip for you: If you ever find yourself in the hospital with a roommate, and you want your own private room, tell them you have a history of C difficile. It’s a really gross thing involving poop, and it’s highly contagious in hospitals, so they’ll give you your own isolation room automatically. I learned this trick during one of my other cancer-related surgeries, and it works every time.
  • The pain continues to be insufferable. They won’t give me more than 0.4mg of Dilaudid at a time. (As a reference point, after my other surgeries, i would be sent home with 2mg tablets.) So what happens is i receive a 0.4 dose, it makes me drowsy, i fall asleep, and then just shy of two hours later, i wake up with the same 9/10 level pain and have to wait up to 15 minutes to get the next 0.4 dose approved and administered. In other words, the insufficient dosage is not allowing me to ever get ahead of the pain. I’ve decided to combat this by setting multiple timers on my phone so that i can play their numbers and timers game and get more frequent doses of pain meds (even though those other doses will only be rounds of 0.1mg or 0.2mg, depending on what i tell them my pain level is). Playing this game requires me to stay awake and consciously deal with the pain, which is enormously frustrating but a latent consequence stemming from our country’s mismanagement of opioids.

Author: breastcancerat35

I was diagnosed with Stage 3C Invasive Breast Cancer in October/November, 2015. This blog is my way to process my experience and allow my loved ones to have ongoing updates about my journey.

8 thoughts on “(19-03-06-07) Surgery – w/update #2 added @4:30am on Thursday”

  1. I’m just glad you’re ok. I’ve been thinking of you all day. Continuing to send you love. Get some pain meds and some rest.


  2. Can you ask for a PCA (Patient-Controlled Analgesia) pump so you don’t have to wait? Studies have shown that the anxiety of impending pain tends to worsen the pain experience. Giving patients more control over this reduces that anxiety overall leading to a reduction in perceived pain.

    Also, as far as dosing goes, 0.4mg IV is comparable to 2mg PO (by mouth), so that’s why they’re hesitant to administer more. That and new narcotic regulations limit the doctors’ ability to order doses that people had received in the past. Can you ask if they have non-narcotic options to alleviate your pain?

    Keep your head up and keep your stubborn games going. I know how much you like to fight the system, no matter what system it is. 😘

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  3. @NicAtNite – Thank you for the suggestions. I will ask about the PCA later today. I’m definitely not trying to fight any system right now, though. I promise. I’m trying to make it through a day without lying here in sheer agony. I haven’t moved from this position since they brought me back from surgery … haven’t eaten or drank anything in 44 hours … and the pain medication stops working after 45 minutes to an hour every time. An hour ago, one of the doctors here did approved for me to get 01mg IV shot every two hours, but it was right after I got a 0.4mg shot, so now I have to wait another two hours before they’ll administer the higher dosage. I know it’s about regulations and CYA stuff. I just want to have a few hours where i am not in sheer agony. I feel like a prisoner.


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