(19-02-09) City Walks

I had the pleasure of taking Glenda on two walks around the city since she first arrived yesterday. Wearing a hat and my coat, she braved the 48° at 7am and allowed me to flitter up and down overpasses, inside urine-smelling tunnels, and alongside side streets with possible drug cartel houses. She even acquiesced to my intent goal of finding my feline friend from last week, even though I have been back to that street three times now and have yet to see her again.

Luckily, I found a new gato to love on and feed this morning.

(19-02-07) Basic Updates

Not a lot of news today. It’s kind of the calm before the storm, I think. The doctors eased up on some of my drip bags these past few days; I think they’re trying to let my side effects settle more before dosing me up with two vaccines tomorrow.

My foot bath water was orange today, instead of black or brown. That means my joints were getting detoxed instead of my liver. (Sorry, Tyler – no pictures today. I’ll try to remember to bring my camera so that I can feed your foot fetish with photos next week.)

Stomach still hurts. A lot.

I haven’t seen Dr. Rubio, Sr. all week; he’s been at a conference. The other doctors here continue to be very attentive, though.

I’ve decided I need to plant plenty of cabbage in my garden this year. When I leave here, they will send me with a home program, to continue some of the treatments I am getting here … and considering they use 1.5 cabbages on my body every day, I’m going to need a steady supply. Fellow gardening friends in Phoenix, any tips for how to NOT kill my cabbage in my garden this year would be extremely helpful; I have not had the most stellar track record with gardening these past five years….

I found a morning walk route that will help get some tone back in my leg muscles. That was pretty much the highlight of my day.

(15-12-25) Exercising With Cancer

December 25 marked the first time since November 15 that i was actually able to exercise.  I probably wouldn’t have done it without the gentle urgings of Maya.  I have grown stagnant in my king-sized bed these days, allowing the astonishing fatigue and persistent pain to quell my otherwise incessant need to stay in shape.  Maya must have had enough because today was the day she got me out of bed for something other than an appointment or a quick trip to a retail store for some minor item that i couldn’t manage to find on Amazon.

We went to Estrella Mountain.  Had someone taken me to this mountain a year ago, i would have laughed at the sheer lack of challenge these trails provide … but today, it was just what my (naturopathic) doctor ordered.  For 1.25 hours, I hiked an easy trail at a moderate pace, stopping occasionally to hold my face out into the sun and inhale deeply – partly to account for a couple of my chemo side effects (shortness of breath; unexpected coordination problems), but mostly just to take a moment to feel GRATEFUL.  I’m outside.  I’m walking.  On a mountain.  With my re-girlfriend and a dog i already love as much as my own pets.  We get to have Chinese food after we’re finished.  Today rejuvenated my spirits a bit, and the magnitude of that is *not* lost on me.