(19-02-25) Sunday Not Funday

Reactions to the magnet vaccine hit a day earlier than expected, and I learned this weekend that Sunday is the worst day here to need some extra personalized attention.

  • There are only two staff present on Sundays: Dr. Melissa (bilingual) and Nurse Mari (almost exclusively Spanish-speaking). This means that two people are responsible for nine different patients, which is a lot, considering some of us can be a little needy when they’re not feeling well (ahem, ahem).
  • Because these two are only here on Sundays, they really don’t know our needs and routines like the other staff do. Hence, we waste a lot of time reviewing information that I feel they should already know.
  • They both pull long shifts on these days: Dr. Melissa, 36 hours, from Saturday night to Monday morning; and Mari, 24 hours, from Sunday 7am – Monday 7am. They get tired. They sneak naps in the middle of the night. They don’t always respond quickly to 3am panic buzzes from my room.

So yeah, if I can figure out a way these last few weeks to get my symptoms to act up any other day of the week besides Sunday, I’m gonna work that out.

On a positive note, Dr. Melissa gave me a bottle of specialized arnica and eucalyptus cream as a pain-relieving topical treatment. Holy cow, this stuff works way better than the Arnica cream I commonly buy back home at Sprouts. She said her friend specially makes it, which makes this gesture even sweeter. Hopefully, I can find a way to order it back in the states…or sweet talk Dr. Melissa into adding some into my home treatment program.

(19-02-08) Vaccines & Stem Cells

Exactly one month ago, I sat across from Dr. Curley as he delivered my death sentence: 6-12 months to live. What a mindfuck to think about that now, here, as I feel myself not weak, but stronger; not sickly, but energized; not hopeless, but motivated.

I had the magnetic vaccine today. Nurse Blanca first hooked me up to a drip bag that contained magnetic nanoparticles in it. Then, Drs. Rubio, Sr and Godinez taped magnetic strips to the outside of my body, where there are known tumors: my lungs, my liver, my bones around my hips and pelvis, and my lower back.

It was a little anticlimactic, honestly – I didn’t experience any of those crazy hot flashes during the session, and I was able to last the whole hour without incident. Doctor Godinez came in every 20 minutes on the dot to check my vitals, which I found curious. I’m guessing some people have had serious reactions to this? Not me, though… ‘cuz I’m a warrior. My body handled the session like a boss.

Side note: I discovered another way they use stem cells here. Last night, Dr. Smith came in my room and took a culture swab of my vagina. Today, Dr. Rubio, Sr. explained that he creates stem cells that come from those cultures in my cervix because that area has the same kind of hormones as my breasts. All of this just continues to boggle my mind.