(19-01-24) Ozone Therapy

As I lay in my astronaut suit in my hospital bed, I am thinking about how much they infiltrate ozone into my treatment.

(1) ozonated water – They have a certain way of treating the water with ozone, which is said to remove parasites, bacteria, chemicals, and viruses from it.

(2) ozone cutaneous therapy – This is where the astronaut suit comes in, and a tube inserted inside the suit fills up with ozone, permeating the pores all throughout my body.

(3) ozone injections – I received this last night. Essentially, Dr. Rubio used a needle to inject ozone into my right knee and right hip. The ozone creates an enlarged space between the bones in those spots, which then allows oxygen and blood flow to improve. This, he said, would help eradicate the pain in those areas, in just a day or two.

What if increased ozone exposure was enough to prevent more people from getting cancer???


With Cancer Round I, I let all of you know about upcoming appointments, procedures, and tests via a shared Google calendar. For some of you, that was difficult to access. This time, I will try another route. On this page, I will post all cancer-related appointments as I schedule them, which means this page will have ongoing updates.

hip replacement
Dr. Seidel
Dr. Curley
* confirmed: metastatic breast cancer in hip
* awaiting a 2nd pathology report, to determine if this cancer is HER2+, too
* ordered a PET scan
* PET scan and 2nd pathology report will determine prescribed treatment
19-01-07PET scan
Stage 4 cancer in bones, organs, and lymph nodes

He wantse to start chemo right away, with some radiation for pain control.

I have refused.
19-01-21admissions into Rubio Cancer Center, in Tijuana Mexicoestimated inpatient stay: 6 weeks
19-01-28Dr. RubioCancer vaccine injections start
19-01-29Dr. RubioGo to the lab to look at my blood under a microscope, to see how it’s interacting with my blood